Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Story: Part 1

We met in high school but neither of us knows how we met. We don’t know when or where - we just, umm, did, I suppose. We never had any classes together, didn’t have the same group of friends, and didn’t take the same bus. Nada. Maybe we just started saying hello to each other in passing. I guess there was just something there. Sparks. The summer of 2000 we took the same Driver’s Ed class which had a long break. It was during this break that we actually started talking. We hung out everyday and I developed a huge crush. Apparently so did he. People could tell there was definitely an attraction between us but we were both too chicken to tell each other. He even pretended to like my friend! He says that was his excuse to talk to me, so I didn’t get weirded out and stop hanging out with him. However, nothing ever came of all this friendly flirting. We remained friends, got into other relationships and life went on. He graduated high school and I graduated the following year. I went away to college and he also pursued his degree. I would hear him DJ on the radio when I was home and I would get so excited for him. I was proud that one of his goals from high school had come true. We realize now that we never stopped thinking about each other.

My heart is yours.

It's you that I hold on to.

That's what I'll do.

But I know I was wrong,

And I won't let you down.

Yeah I saw sparks,

Yeah I saw sparks,

And I saw sparks,

Yeah I saw sparks.


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  1. I remember that Driver's Ed summer...it still seems like it was just yesterday!!! But can you believe that was nine years ago?? Wow, time really flies! We had so much fun that year, learning to drive and vacationing in Italy! Do you remember all the drama too?? Whatever, it was still fun!! What else can I say that I haven't already told you before Jules??!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I am so happy that you found the perfect guy!! And I am more excited that we get to plan your wedding...I can't wait for it!! Definitely bringing the waterproof make-up...for the both of us! What kind of bridesmaid would I be if I didn't plan ahead?!! Thanks for sending me the link here, I love this! And I love you and Heis, you guys are the absolute cutest together! I will keep checkin in to see your progress. Xo E