Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing our Photographer

I had our photographer picked out before we were even engaged. I loved weddings and loved looking at wedding pictures and when I saw Jessica Lewis's site, I immediately fell in love with her style. I said to myself, "When I get married, I want her." I loved her attention to detail, her use of black and white and lighting and her ability to capture people's emotions and make even the formal shots unique. I highly recommend her already for anyone in the Ventura, Santa Barbara and LA area.

So sure enough after I got engaged one of our first appointments (right after the church and reception site) was with her. To my delight she was not only an amazing photographer, but she was also the most down-to-earth, patient,cute and friendly person ever. You can tell she really enjoyed weddings. She asked to see my ring and asked about the details of the event. It felt as if we were friends. I saw the beautiful albums she made and included with her package and I was sold-again. At that time she was also a bride-to-be (she got married this March)so she understood us brides, which always makes me feel comfortable.

We didn't need to meet with anyone else. Without thinking twice, we signed the contract the next day. I have already used some of her work on my blog, but you can never get enough eye candy. Here is some more of her awesome work: Enjoy!

If you'd like to see more take a look at her blog here: Jessica Lewis Blog

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