Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Save the Dates: The Unveiling

Now that the majority of our Save the Dates have been mailed out, I can unveil them to all of you! We did two designs because I just loved them both so much and could not pick one. The record is so cute and I just loved the other one too! All our guests were able to scratch off the center to unveil our names and wedding date. I thought they were creative, different, cute and modern. In case you are wondering where they came from: Etsy of course. The seller is unlesssomeonelikeyou. Super creative and fun designs for you to check out!


  1. Those are both so lovely! I wouldn't be able to choose just one either:)

  2. Awesome save-the-dates!! I just stumbled across your's SO cute!!

  3. This are adorable!!! I live in LA and i need to make a trip up to Camarillo..i love those outlets up there!! Where is your venue?