Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Update

I have taken care of a lot of wedding related things recently but I have not had much time to blog about it, so here's an update for everyone =):

Things Completed:

-Bridesmaid dresses are chosen!

David's Bridal

-Ring Bowl was purchased! I could not resist the beautiful and clean Paloma's Nest bowls. I plan on making it an heirloom. Got to love Etsy.


Invitations were finally purchased and delivered! I will get them out by August and post pictures then.

I found someone who will be making a custom veil, which I am super excited about. Best of all it is only going to cost me $75! (Which is great because at stores most of the ones I saw where about $300 grr). I love it when they fly in the air like the picture below

Jerry Yoon

MOH is working on my unity candle.

Mom and Aunt are working on the card box!

Coming up in the next few days:

Men's Tuxedos

Food Tasting

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  1. looks like you got a lot done! can't wait to read your posts/see photos of your purchases. especially the paloma's nest ring bowl, it's just sooo beautiful.