Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Registered!

I forgot to mention we registered! For now we are registered at BBB and have plans to register at Target. I wasn't planning on registering because we don't need too many items. But then I realized some guests were going to need guidance when it came to presents for the wedding and it can also help guests decide what to get us if we have bridal showers or couples showers. So far I have enjoyed the registering experience. It was fun for the Mr. and I to walk around selecting items. He was wayyy better with the gun than I was. It is a great experience for couples to have together. My experience with BBB in particular was great! I highly recommend them. You get free gifts for registering for certain items, and if certain items are fulfilled you can also get a gift. They provide labels to include with shower invites and you get 10% off items that are not purchased. Also I love that they will bag (wrap) gifts for your guests for free! The wrapping is not the fanciest but it is cute and simple and great for guests in a rush or who want to save a few bucks (like myself). Plus I love the coupons they send (20% or $10 off)! Our guests can save on the present! That makes it even better. I will let you all know how the Target registry goes!

Where did you register?

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  1. ooo we still have to register and are considering bb&b! i also love the coupons that come in the mail :)