Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vegas, Baby

Sorry for the lack of posts! I returned from Vegas and caught an awful flu which put me out for the entire week. Now it is back to wedding work! To update you on Vegas, it was great although I missed my other half immensely. We got there on Friday night. It was pretty late so we went out to a few lounges. Saturday we spent at the pool. Saturday night I wore white and the ladies wore black. My friends were so cute! They bought me tons of gifts( "naughty" gifts) and also made small favor boxes for each girl. They had buttons, princess crowns and lottery tickets where they could scratch off dares. I had my dare list but I only completed two of my tasks. Sunday night was spent at Diablo's a fun Mexican lounge/bar/restaurant. If you go there have a mango margarita. They're the best! They had an amazing band doing fun covers and I got to sing with them. Good times!

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