Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I came home from a long night at school to a very pleasant surprise! I received my first ever blog award from The Roddy Bride! I could not be more proud and grateful! You made my night! Thank you. I am honored =).

Since I have won this award, I have certain responsibilities. I need to list 7 facts about myself and then pass this fabulous award on to 7 other Kreativ bloggers!

Hmmm let's see:

7 facts:

1. After I marry Mr. DJ and my future sister-in-law marries her bf (which I'm sure is bound to happen anytime soon) we will have swapped last names! Yup her bf has my last name!

2. Like the Roddy Bride I was also a Catholic school girl at least from grades 2-8. I think it was a really good thing for me.

3. I love to travel and experience different cultures and foods. What are some of the countries I have visited you ask? Greece, Turkey, Mexico (multiple parts inc. Cozumel, Cancun twice, Jalisco,) England, Italy (twice cause it is the best go to Capri!) France and others. I really want to go to parts of Southeast Asia at some point soon.

4. I do not like attention. I am somewhat worried about how I am going to react to so much attention on the wedding day. Luckily, I am hoping it is only close friends and family, or at least that is how we are attempting to keep it. And I'm a Leo! Don't Leos love attention?! =)

5. I was terrified of dogs all my life. I mean terrified, like jumping on tables terrified. About a year ago I finally got over this fear when my brothers got a baby pitbull. Now I am no longer scared and I love this little (now big) pitbull more than anything! It really shocks people who know me when they see me with him.

6. I just hired a DOC who has already been doing so much! She is the best and if you are in the LA or Ventura County area and are looking for someone let me know! I will post about her later.

7. I have an amazing fiance. I am so lucky to have found him, again. He loves me unconditionally (even when I am intolerable) and he spoils me rotten in so many ways. We are obsessed with each other and I hope it stays like that forever. I mean we constantly text, BBM, e-mail and Gchat all day. I love it, it never gets old. I am so glad he is not sick of me =).

Now to pass this on to 7 other fabulously Kreativ Bloggers in no particular order:

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  1. swapping last names w/ your future sis-in-law is so cool! and i went to Catholic school too, but in highschool :)

  2. Greece and Turkey *are* amazing. :) Yay, another local bride!

  3. whoa look at me on that list! well, thank you so much - how sweet of you!!

  4. Thank you soo much mama!!!!!!!!!! <3

  5. Wow, we are honored! Thanks so much chica! :)