Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 12

As I patiently wait for pro pictures, here are my Top 12 wedding related moments/things to keep y'all entertained ;)

1. Getting ready with the girls: Drinks flowed and laughter and smiles were all around.
2. Walking down the aisle: It was overwhelming with all the flashes in your face, but oh so cool at the same time.
3. Saying our vows :Of course I teared up and he almost had to take out the hankie.
4. Taking pictures at the beach: It was such a fun photo shoot and we got a lot of alone time.
5. Our first dance: The first dance song was gonna be a surprise. I had no clue what to expect. He ended up making a mix for us. It was so sweet to have all the songs that meant something to us. We are both music people, we totally could not have just one. Our first dance ended up being like 5 minutes long..oops.
6. When my husband sang to me with his Dad and the mariachi: See the Mr. can sing. He was in choir in high school and is just talented when it comes to most music things. But he never ever wanted to sing around me! So it was so sweet and meaningful that he finally did at our wedding. The hankie had to come out at this point.
7. The speeches: They were perfect. My favorite thing was that my MOH learned a bit of Spanish to end her speech. So cute and meaningful!
8. The dance portion: The dance floor was packed the entire time. Everyone danced. I loved it. People did not want to leave the party!
9. The food & drinks: Everything was delicious, from the appetizers to the blended margaritas to the main entree. And the cake, ohhh the cake.
10. The caricature artist: We hired a caricature artist to draw our guests during the cocktail hour and dinner. Usually cocktail hours get boring so I wanted something to keep guests entertained. A caricature artist is different and much cheaper than other options (i.e. photo booth). The guests loved it so much we had to hire him for some overtime. 11. Our names in light: As a surprise to us, Mr. DJ's DJ friends got together and created a stencil of a heart and our names. They projected it up against a fireplace and it looked gorgeous. It was beyond sweet of them.
12. Candy buffet/Groom's cake: They turned out so beautiful. I was blown away. Once everything comes together it really looks amazing.

Honestly, I could keep going on forever so I'll stop here. What are your Top 12?


  1. Now I can't wait to see your pics! Sounds like an awesomely beautiful day!

  2. How fun. I love the caricature artist thing. We have a photobooth for the entire length of our event but it is geared more for the guest book idea I just blogged about today. For the cocktail hour, we hired a strolling magician to entertain our guests...I have a feeling that will be one of my Top 12! :) How fun your wedding sounds like! Can't wait to see pics.