Thursday, August 5, 2010

Luxurious Like Egyptian Cotton

The Mr. and I worked really hard to save up for our wedding. We paid it all in cash and were super proud of ourselves. At the same time he also saved up enough to pay off his truck and we continued to save to put a down payment on our home. This all happened in a matter of two, maybe two and a half years so you can imagine the sacrifices we made (moving in with parents and roommates, no shopping, no trips etc.)Lately we have jumped off that savings train and jumped on the spending train. Hey I think we deserved a little break. Don't you? We have really enjoyed buying stuff for our home, ourselves, others and not having to count pennies. In reality, it has been hard to save money with all the expenses that come with a home. We are living the luxurious life!

But I think in September we are going to get back on an aggressive savings plan (although not as aggressive as prior years) and home items are going to have to wait. We want to finally complete saving up for our 6-8 month emergency fund (which we are super close to doing) and we want to save up for a big vacation in either April or July of 2011. We also want to open a ROTH IRA to start investing in our retirement, even if it is only a small amount.

What did you do after the wedding? Continue to save aggressively or live the luxurious life for a little bit?

Of course a balance is always ideal =)

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  1. oh we lived luxuriously for a bit, ate out and bought things we wanted. but now that we are close to our one year mark, we have started saving again.