Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Church Wedding

Mr. DJ and I always knew we wanted a church wedding. Most people in our families did not have a church wedding, they either married by court or haven't married at all. The only family wedding I've ever been to was my Uncle's and that was about 20 years ago (so you can imagine how excited everyone is.) This always upset my Grandparents who were extremely devoted Catholics. They were married by church and they wanted their kids and grandchildren to do the same. Since I was little I knew I would get married in the Catholic church and I am happy that I found a man that wishes the same. My only regret is that my Grandparents are no longer here to participate in the event, I know they would be so happy and proud. But I know they will definitely be watching us on that special day in a church just like this one...

photo credit: Jessica Lewis


  1. God this looks phenomenal. And I'm trying to turn down the volume on my laptop, but EVERYONE tonight has songs and is making me cry. Ok, everyone needs a good cry every once in a while.

    I'll be right back, just need a tissue.

  2. They will certainly be with you that day. :)

  3. wow, this exactly like my family. the last time i went to a wedding i was 11 or 12! and i dont even remember who got married. just like your family, mine either does he quicky courthouse wedding or not marry a all. I too always wanted to marry through catholic church and even though my mister is not catholic, he was more than happy to do it for me (and his mom of course lol)