Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day After Shoot

So lately I have been thinking that a "day after shoot" would be a great idea. After the wedding you will be more relaxed and be able to have fun while taking some pictures with your new husband. Husband, how exciting. Plus, you can go to a different more unique location and get some incredible shots. Take a look at these beautiful photos by the talented Sarah K. Chen:

photo credit: Sarah K. Chen

Will you be doing a day after shoot?



  1. This is a great idea..., but my husband and I were not looking or feeling terribly great the "day after!"

    Ah, too much tequilla!

    These people look amazing though!!!

  2. I totally agree!! I SOOOOO wanted to do a day after shoot, but it's not going to fit into our budget. They are so amazing though! The pictures that come out of day after shoots are always so incredible - I hope you are able to have one!!