Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where Shall We Fly? Or Drive?

So the Mr. and I are not only saving for a wedding but we are also saving up for a home. We want to take advantage of the real estate market and buy a little home for the two of us. With these two precious purchases, it does not leave much room for a honeymoon. But we still really want one! Here is the problem, neither of us want to go somewhere we have already been. We want it to be our first time going there for both of us. But we also need it to be really inexpensive. Any ideas? Here is a list of places we have been either separate or together (so they are not in the running for honeymoon destination): Mexico, Florida, Cuba, The Bahamas, France, England, Italy, Greece, Turkey. So where do you all think we should fly, or drive, Napa Valley, NYC, Canada,New Orleans? Whatcha think?

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