Friday, May 22, 2009

May, May, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Okay this is not so much a wedding vent as it is a general life vent. May has just been way to busy for me. May is filled with social engagements for Mr. DJ and me. One example is birthdays. In this month it is my Dad’s birthday, Mom’s birthday, brother’s birthday and future sister in-law’s birthday (on the same date) my cousin’s wife’s birthday and two good friends’ birthdays. That plus Mother’s Day and graduations keep us super busy. Not to mention we are both still working, and I had finals to deal with. We did manage to squeeze in some wedding duties such as the cake and mariachi but not much else has been done and I am getting super stressed about it all. If you follow my blog, you can see that I have no posts about a dress. Why you ask. Well because I have no dress! And if I continue to keep a crazy schedule like the one I had this month I will not be getting a dress anytime soon. Every time I think I’m going to have a free weekend to go dress shopping with my mom something always comes up or someone always wants us to be somewhere. June is looking pretty busy already. I already have three engagements lined up. Now don’t get me wrong, I love going to these things, I feel honored to be invited and when I get there I have a great time. It’s the aftermath that sucks. I have this great time and then I’m like crap when am I going to do this or that, in this case when am I going to get my dress! I just need to learn how to say no to everyone, at least for the time being. Any tips on making more me time?

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