Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunshine on A Cloudy Day

Today I received a pleasant surprise in the mail: a card from one of my good friends and bridesmaid. Inside it was a note with the following beautiful words:

Do not look at life's changes in fear,

but embrace them with hope.

Ask for the grace to perceive

God's presence at work in the events of each day.

Since God has led you to this point,

be confident to continue your journey with Him.

God will lead you safely through all things;

and, if you should no longer have the strength to stand,

be assured that He will bear you gently in His arms.

Do not anticipate what may happen tomorrow.

Your Heavenly Father who cares for you today,

will certainly care for you tomorrow.

Either God will shield you from suffering,

or He give you the strength to bear wherever comes.

So, be at peace,

and put aside anxious thoughts and troubled imaginings.

-Adaptation of a prayer by Francis de Sales

Hope this helps anyone experiencing stressful or hard times as many of us may be. It is also inspiring for those who will be or are currently experiencing changes as all of us brides to be are.

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