Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Pink Surprise To Keep Me Organized

So I come home today after a wonderful sushi dinner with Mr. DJ's family, and I found a package from my MOH on my bed. My MOH has been the best Maid of Honor ever and the wedding isn't even here yet. Whenever I am having a stressful day or week, a little surprise from her suddenly shows up. I don't even tell her, she just somehow knows. Sometimes the gift is a sweet card and sometimes it is the latest bridal magazine and sometimes it is something more...like today.

Yesterday I was pretty stressed out about everything: school, wedding, life period and today I got this! She had a planner like this and I loved it! So of course she bought me one and mailed it over. She is so cute and thoughtful. It made me so giddy to receive it. Really I was like a kid on Christmas, ask the Mr, who then said I was spoiled. The best part was the little extra touch, the heart on our wedding date. MOH thank you! You're the best MOH any bride could ask for. And the Mr. is right, I am spoiled sometimes. =)


  1. Aww you've got such a sweet MOH! Lucky you. :) The VS Pink planner is very cute.