Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Nice Being The Bride

This weekend I went and saw my dress again! It was my first fitting and luckily it will be my last. The only things that needed to be altered were the length (just a bit) and the bustle. Other than that it is ready to go!

Since I was in the valley with my MOH,I took advantage and did some shopping for the honeymoon at the Topanga Mall. If you are ever in the area, it is one of the best malls to go. It has every single store you can think of. While at the Michael Kors store I found the beauties pictured below. They are so comfortable because the pair I bought has black mesh straps and they will look awesome in NYC! Unfortunately there was only one pair of 7.5 and MOH spotted them first! But MOH said since I was the bride I could have them. I like being the bride-to-be! It definitely comes with some advantages. Can I postpone the wedding til 2010? =)

Michael Kors

*Update: MOH found another pair of 7.5's at Nordstrom's and bought them today!


  1. ya, those shoes are killer. congrats on the upcoming wedding, mine is just after yours in december! thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love those shoes. I was just coveting those the other day. Let me know if they're comfy!