Thursday, October 15, 2009

Out With The Old...In With The New

Wow today was filled with extreme high's and low's! We had our final walk-through at our venue with both coordinators (the venue's and our day-of-coordinator, both are amazing). My venue is VERY accommodating. Any idea I come up with, they do their best to make it work. Today we were working on the drinks. I really wanted a pink signature drink or something fruity and blended. I never thought to ask about something like a blended margarita because well they seem like a lot of work for a large crowd. I had pretty much given up on the idea of having my favorite drink at the wedding. But then... blended margaritas totally come up in the conversation. The venue's coordinator of course mentions that it would be difficult to blend during the wedding due to all the noise and it would take a while to make those drinks as they are ordered. As we were discussing this, the Food & Catering Manager walks by and the venue's coordinator asks him a few questions. My coordinator begins to discuss the idea of blended margaritas with him. Well turns out the Manager, who used to own a record store, knows Mr. DJ. He stops, sighs, and says "For you guys, because I know you, we'll do it. We will pre-blend the drinks and have them ready to go." My jaw dropped. I was on Cloud 9 after our meeting. I was picturing yummy strawberry margaritas while the mariachi plays. So that brings me to the down part: the mariachi. We hired them to do the mass and cocktail hour. I really wanted them to play "Ave Maria" at some point during the mass. This song really means a lot to me and my Mom. During our meeting, I ask if they can play that song and the head guy tells me "No." I was shocked. "No? What do you mean you can't play that song?" He comes up with all kinds of reasons. "They don't know it, they don't have a girl singer, some priests don't allow it or like men singing it. Yaddi yaddi yaddi." He suggests hiring a singer, a choir or playing it on CD. I was shocked. In my head I am thinking " No that's why we hired you guys!" I mean that's like the DJ telling you they don't have your First Dance song and no they won't download it. The meeting did not go well. He kept talking about how he gave us a discount and how usually their requirement is 3 hours but we were getting a break. Well I'd rather pay a little more to get what I want, so old mariachi out, new mariachi....hopefully in. Soon. We got about 3 weeks to find a new mariachi, at least for the mass. Wish us luck!

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