Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Take A Seat

Last night I started working on seating arrangements. I was really dreading this part because I thought it would be an extremely difficult process. Well turns out it was not that bad! I used the website Wedding Wire to complete this task. First you quickly download an excel template and put in your guests. I already had my guests on a different excel list so I simply copied and pasted. Then you can upload the list to the site. Once you have that you move on to seating. You can add as many tables as you want. The tables can be any size, shape, and hold as many or as few seats as you'd like. Then you simply click and drag your guests to their seat! Voila! I seated my guests, then Mr. DJ seated his. I had my Mom double-check and approve and now I am all done! It took me about one night and parts of today to complete. Now I can move on to escord cards!

Here's a cool shot of another couple that used this feature to make their arrangements. They even hooked up their laptop to the TV so multiple people can see it at once. So cool!

How did you seat your guests?


  1. We let everyone sit where they wanted to. Except for immediate family and the bridal party. That way no one was annoyed with who they had to set with.

  2. I used the wedding wire seat organizer too. It was the best tool since I kept having guest change their minds at last minute about coming to our wedding.