Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Bucket List-Updated

I just got a new job offer! Yay me! Something else to scratch off the list.

In case you are wondering how I've been doing, here is the original list:

Baby Bucket List

1. Go to a playoff game of some sort


1. Go on one more trip


1. Fix up the backyard
2. Finish decorating our home
3. Host a party
4. Host a housewarming party (Sept. 4, 2010)

Health/ Fitness

1. Workout Regularly
2. Eat/Cook healthier foods (organic)
3. Get wisdom teeth pulled
4. Find a good OB/GYN

1. Increase monthly income-Get a better job (or a raise with current jobs) Got A Job!
2. Buy a good camera


1. Finish name change stuff
2. Create a joint bank account
3. Take a photography class/workshop

Here is the current list:

Baby Bucket List-Updated
1. Go to a Playoff Game
2. Go on one more trip
3. Finish decorating our home

Coming up in Oct. …
Photography Workshop Oct. 2nd

Phew! I have accomplished a lot and I'm running out of things.

What should I add on my baby bucket list???

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