Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Housewarming Party

This weekend we scratched something of our baby bucket list: the housewarming party.
It was a huge success. As people showed up we gave them a tour of our home. People then ate lunch outside. We served chicken, tri tip, rice and beans. After everyone ate and saw the home the games began. The first game was a word scramble. All the words were related to the real estate industry or to our home specifically. It was a HARD game. People were making up words and it was hilarious. After we finally got a winner we started the flip cup tournament. This game went on into the night and was super fun and intense. Once it got cold outside we brought the party indoors. Inside we played Pictionary and Kent. We had warm arroz con leche for dessert. We received tons of gifts of our registry,plants, bottles of wine and cards with beautiful words. We have been very blessed with some awesome friends! Here are some pictures of our home which is still very much a work in progress and the party itself. Enjoy.

A canvas of one of our favorite wedding photographs

Our laundry nook...we placed our table numbers and save the dates from our wedding in an Ikea frame to cover up the ugly looking laundry hook ups. This was inspired by the Young House Love their blog!

Our entire home is painted in blue, grey and tan tones

Our guest restroom: We want it to be a relaxing experience for our guests =)

The Mr's studio: This is still a work in progress but so far I love it.

I needed to give the Mr. a place to nap in his studio =) or for his guests to sit.

Our living room

Guest restroom decor

A snapshot of our beautiful wedding photo album which sits in the living room

Accent chair in our grey, black and white master bedroom

The backyard: I'm still working on finding plants that won't die in the sun.

Some of our guests working hard on the word scramble

Flip cup into the night.

Good times indeed. How was your labor day weekend?


  1. your house is so pretty. i love the 'good clean fun' laundry sign :)

  2. I absolutely love the blue tones! It gives a very cool and relaxed look.

    Love all of your decor.

  3. Thanks Ladies! A house is so much work but so worth it!!