Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Nurseries

I love the pink fluffy decor in the corner!
I would love blue and grey or blue and beige for a little boy's room

I think this one is my favorite! I love the chandelier and the rug. It is simple but chic. How cute is the little item hanging on the window?
I love these shelves and the chair!
I love how modern this is and grey and pink is of course my favorite color combo since it was our wedding colors.
Brown and pink always a great combo!
This one definitely stands out! I love the idea of using pale blue (plue as I like to call it) and a bright pink together for a girl!
A great neutral nursery for a surprise baby

All images are from decorpad

I just attended 3 baby showers in the past 2 weeks and I also found out that my classmate/friend and wedding photographer are both expecting, along with many bloggers out there! I am so excited for everyone that I thought I'd post some of my favorite nurseries.

The Mr. and I are not expecting yet and we don't plan on trying to at least next Fall, but I must admit that my baby fever is still going strong. I love looking at custom crib bedding and professional baby photographers. I guess it is never too early to start planning and preparing right?


  1. i love the pink fluffy corner and the room w/ the chandelier. too cute and fun :)

  2. I like the chandelier in the third one and the pink and brown room that's third from the bottom with that great accent wall. Nursery decor is sooo cute :)