Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Official-Thailand Here We Come!

Thai New Year
Island of Phuket

It is official. I am going to Thailand in April. Yesterday we booked our plane tickets and I could not be more excited. Thailand is THE country I have always wanted to visit and now one of my life dreams/goals is coming true. I can't believe it. Mr. DJ and I will be going with two of our friends (another couple).

Our amazing friend Lorena is currently living and teaching in Thailand and if all goes as planned she will be traveling with us and acting as our wonderful tour guide. You can follow her travels and see more amazing photos on her blog .

April is one of the hottest months which sucks but it also has so much going on. We will be there for the Thai New Year and we will be able to attend a Full Moon Party. A Full Moon Party is pretty much an all-night party on the beach with 30,000 people, DJs everywhere, fire-eaters, jugglers and impromptu firework shoes. How cool is that? Apart from that we get to visit temples, feed elephants, eat amazing thai food, and lay on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I can scratch off a big thing from the baby bucket list, life bucket list, 30 before 30 list, 2011 goals list and pretty much all my life lists.

Til Next Time-Sawatdi! (good-bye)


  1. yay! How exciting! Make sure to share lots of photos with us :)

  2. oh wow, how exciting!! hope you have the best time :)

  3. Sawadee kha!! friend!
    Super excited to see you all as well. I love your pictures wonder were you got them lol! let the planning begin you know Im here for you guys to show you around and as you are booking things here and there so no worries well make it happen sabai sabai :-)

  4. sabai, sabai lorena cannot wait! and yes I will be taking lots of pictures to share with everyone! =)