Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let It Snow!

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Tomorrow we are heading out on a mini-vacation. First we are heading to Palmdale to visit one of our friends. I have never been to Palmdale and I don't think there is too much there but we are excited to see our friend because we rarely get to see him. Then we are heading to MAMMOTH! I am so excited for this. I have only seen and touched snow once when I was very little and the Mr. has never touched or seen snow. I am so excited to see him see snow for the first time. I will be taking lots of pictures to document his first snow trip. We are going with a few other couples and friends so it should be lots of fun. I am hoping we LOVE it and begin to visit more frequently.

Any advice for those who have more experience with snow? What should we pack?

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  1. Have fun!! I've never been to Mammoth, but everyone that I know who has been there raves about it. I'm sure it will be a blast. As for the snow, I don't go too often either but make sure to take waterproof gloves so that your hands don't freeze. And if you're scared of the cold (like me) make sure to pack lots of blankies!