Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mammoth-The Summit

Mammoth was wonderful. It was a very relaxing vacation. We left and spent the night in Palmdale where we hung out with a friend. Then we headed out to Mammoth. On our way there we stopped at the famous Erick Schat's Bakery in Bishop. That place is amazing. I had the yummiest Veggie Sandwich but they have everything: fresh bread, jams, gelato, pot pie, soups cookies, truffles and pretty much every dessert you can think of. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend it. They also have some items you can order via mail. We got to Mammoth and all of a sudden there is snow everywhere. It was such a cool experience. The first night we got in late so we explored the town and checked out our place. We stayed at The Summit, which was a lot nicer than we expected. It was a condo instead of a cabin but once you were inside it totally felt warm and cozy so we were all pleased. It also had a hot tub and gym within walking distance. Here are some pictures of our cozy home for the weekend.Our family room. It also had a formal living room area.
My friend Santa on our balcony. We had a beautiful view.
The kitchen and dining area. It came fully stocked with everything you can imagine. It was great for cooking.
Our cabiny chandelier
The place came with brand new board games! so cool!The fireplace and lots of our luggage

My favorite part..a washer/dryer in the restroom. We stayed in a place that had two bedrooms plus a loft and 3 restrooms. It slept 10 very comfortably.

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