Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turning 27 Was A Good Time

   I'm back from recovering after a long and fun birthday weekend. Friday we went to dinner and salsa lessons/dancing at Sugarbeets with my family and some friends. Saturday I hung out with the hubby and we had another cake at my parents' house. The hubby and I had a romantic dinner alone at Milano's. It's kind of become a birthday tradition of ours to eat there for my bday. Sunday we went to Santa Barbara to eat a lot more, shop and party! Monday I was pooped! Here are some pictures from the weekend! Enjoy. xoxo

I took some Sprinkles cupcakes to the restaurant but the Mr. surprised me with a cute cake. He wins. 

Birthday wish! 

The hubby and I at dinner 

My surprise the next morning

Not sure where he got this idea..but it is too cute! It was a voucher for boots I wanted. The "Terms & Conditions" portion said he must be present to witness my joy. lol. And yes I already used my voucher!

The card was beautiful. It made me cry as usual. And I got my Adele CD and the book I have been wanting to read "Run Like A Girl" 

On Sunday we went to Santa Barbara to hang out with friends. Here is a picture of us at Alice Keck Park with our friends' son.

Then we met up with some of my college friends and had a wonderful reunion night! It was a great birthday weekend!!! 

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