Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Story: Part Two

Flash forward four years. I was in my junior year in college and joined Myspace to keep in touch with some friends who lived in Northern California. I was on a mission to get “friends” and through someone else’s page I ran into his! I “friended” him right away. Then I got freaked out. I mean, what if he didn’t even remember me and I got denied? After all, it had been FOUR years since we had spoken or seen each other! I quickly decided to send him a “Hey, remember me? We went to high school together?” message. I was so glad to get an “Of course I remember you!” reply. We found out that we had much in common. We shared similarities in music (the Mars Volta ;), movies, politics, morals, etc. The most interesting thing was that I was studying in Santa Barbara and he lived back home, but to my surprise he played in a band that practiced literally two blocks from my house. TWO BLOCKS! I couldn’t believe he was there so often and I never knew it.

At this time his cell phone was broken so we e-mailed and instant messaged each other everyday. I was always excited to wake up and receive his new message. I quickly replied with my own lengthy message. It was as if no time had not passed, nothing had changed. All the feelings quickly surfaced once again. Then we began speaking on the phone and a few weeks later he came to visit me. I remember opening the door for him; we both had huge smiles on our faces and then hugged. Things got serious very quickly. We met each other’s family, talked everyday and hung out almost every weekend. However, we didn’t make it “official.” We were both young and I think we both knew that when we did get together that would be it. I think we were somewhat scared of such a serious commitment. Our heads told us to take it slow, but our hearts had their own plan.

That year had its rough patches for sure. Having those “official” feelings for each other but not being an “official” couple made things hard. There were many challenges and things that tried to come between us but nothing managed to permeate our bond. Even when things seemed really bad we refused to let go of each other. The first year was not a fairy tale; it was difficult. Very difficult. But we made it through and it made us extremely strong. If we could overcome all the craziness we went through together, we could overcome anything. We became extremely loyal to each other. After that year, we decided we really needed to be together. Officially. I’m happy to report that four years later we are still as into each other as the day I opened the door for him, if not more. He is my support system, my love, my happiness, my best friend, my everything. I am so lucky to have found him once again.

We have both been broken
bent into painful shapes
We almost let those old fears carry over and get in our way
every struggle just makes our love get stronger than it was yesterday

So here we are now
ain't it lucky we survived it all
searching for self in separate rivers
ending up in the same waterfall
and when we're gray and wiser

The story I will tell is that I belong with you
and no one, no one else,
I belong I belong with you and no no no no one else
I belong with you and no one, and no one else
-Amel Larrieux

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