Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Engagement Encounter

This weekend Mr. DJ and I will be off on our engagement encounter in Santa Barbara, CA. What is an engagement encounter you ask? Well it is more than a requirement to get married in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Engaged Encounter of Los Angeles, California describes it as “an investment in the future - a weekend experience in which an atmosphere is created that enables each couple to concentrate exclusively on one another while free of the pressures and interruptions of daily life. Couples are given the opportunity to question, examine and deepen their relationship with each other. Through a series of writing and sharing exercises the couples are challenged to explore many aspects of their relationship in a much deeper, more honest way than they may have before.”

For the entire weekend, Mr. DJ and I will get to spend time with each other and discuss our relationship and future together. Journaling and open dialogue are just a few techniques used to help couples communicate. I cannot wait for this opportunity! Life gets crazy and it is not all the time that you have the opportunity to be with your significant other away from all the craziness that life presents you with. And it does not hurt that it is taking place in one of our favorite cities ;). As mentioned in the post below, Santa Barbara is special to us because it is the city where our relationship really developed and it is also the place were we got engaged (story to come later). Not to mention it is beautiful and full of great restaurants where we can eat before and after the retreat.

When speaking with people who have attended the encounter, they have nothing but good things to say. They all mention how much they enjoyed it and how beautiful and worthwhile it is. One friend even mentioned how she and her husband wrote vows for each other there, and they now re-read them to each other on each anniversary. That is just too cute if you ask me.

I will make sure to let you all know how it went for us.

Have you been on an engagement encounter? How did it go for you?

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  1. hey! we just had our engaged encounter in sb last month. it was a good experience for our relationship, the older couples who presented were sweet, and the retreat center's location was awesome. it's up in the mountains and you have great views of the sb area and ocean. it was so nice to be alone with the fiance and enjoy nature :) hope you have a great time.

  2. We wont be able to go to the EE in SB :( instead we are going to the one in Montebello. NOT THE SAME!