Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dessert Buffet

Anyone who knows me, knows that I looove cupcakes. I love Sprinkles, Crumbles, Vanilla Bake Shop and many more. I am having a traditional wedding cake, so I wanted to incorporate cupcakes in another way. I'm lucky because my FSIL bakes! And she and her cousin are going to put together a candy/dessert table for our wedding.Or at least I hope the offer still stands ;) I think candy/dessert tables are so cute and so much fun. Plus, they also serve as party favors for guests. Future sister and future cousin here is some inspiration for you both =) and anyone else thinking of doing candy/dessert table.

photo credit: Amy Atlas She makes the cutest dessert buffets!

photo credit: Sarah K. Chen

What interactive element are you adding to your wedding?

1 comment:

  1. Love these kinds of buffets! They also make such great "Eye Candy!!"

    Your FSIL and her cousin are going to make it so pretty for you two. It's wonderful to involve others in your big day!!!

    I keep meaning to post my "article" on cupcakes. I'll finish it eventually. Great looks for tablescapes, etc.

    For now, go to go to TheKnot.com and search cupcakes. So pretty!!!