Monday, March 14, 2011

Mammoth Part 2

After dropping off our luggage we headed out to play in the snow and take some photos. I was really hoping I'd get something cute that might potentially work for 2011 Christmas cards. We didn't give any in 2010 but I really want to get in the habit of making it a yearly thing.
Here is a contender for Xmas 2011
3 of the 6 gals
Snowball Fight!
When you step into the snow you kinda "sink." While "sinking" I hit the tree with my elbow. Ouch
Saturday we attempted to ski and snowboard. This is us before we headed out. We were not very succesful btw. It is HARD and you are left tired and sore. I really plan on taking my kids when they are little so they can start taking lessons early. We were getting passed up by fast 5 year olds who looked like they were born on two skiis.
Saturday night we played Taboo, spoons, and Kent. It was tons of fun. The next morning it was time to go. We woke up and it was snowing! It was a wonderful way to end the weekend. The streets were covered. It was gorgeous.

Bye Mammoth! We cannot wait to return!

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