Monday, November 8, 2010

A Year In Our Life:

This past weekend we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It came so quickly for us. This is what we were up to this year:

This year of marriage we:
1. Visited the Big Apple on our honeymoon. I fell in love with the city and even more in love with you.
2. We returned home and made the biggest purchase of our lives, a house. We have worked together for the past 8 months to turn it into our home. It has been stressful, costly and time consuming at times but it has brought us even closer together and has been worth every minute and penny! I love having a place of our own, "our place."
3. We took our first cruise together (to Enseneda). I love traveling with you and cannot wait for future trips!
4. I graduated with my Master's Degree. Yay! I am finally done with graduate work, internships and now I have free time.
5. We went to Las Vegas, many Dodger games, and visited many friends during our summer.
6. We had a housewarming party and a few small gatherings. We are learning how to be excellent hosts ;) cooks etc.
7. I got a new job!

Phew! What a busy year we have had. We have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. I cannot wait and see what else is in store for us, babe. Love you more than I could ever express.


  1. sounds like an excellent year! :) lucky you!

  2. I'm a little late, but happy anniversary! Wishing you both an equally exciting 2nd year!